New Building!!

The White Pine Library has a new library for our community, and we are all moved in. We are all very excited to see the new programs, new patrons, and so much more room for all our materials. If you haven’t visited us yet, please do. Don’t hesitate to ask for a tour, as we would love to show you the new space.

The pictures below show the progress from old to new!


East side view.
Our beautiful outdoor lighting!
  1. Activity Room view facing the road. 2. Activity Room view facing the kitchen. 3. New library space facing the east.
  1. New addition facing east. 2. Conference Room off the new addition. 3.New basement space below the new addition.

These picture were taken on the 8th of February. These are both views of the new addition.

1. facing south 2. facing north. 3. facing east

  1. View of program room. 2. New windows!!

Office Space and Program Room views.

Main Library Space and Front Desk Views.

Director’s office, Genealogy Room, and one of the Bathroom views.

Children’s area in the program room
Same old seating looks new and refreshed in it’s new space
More views from the main library

Cozy seating area in the program room for book clubs and Fiber Friends.

All Moved In!!